Strategies for mechanistic modelling of bioprocesses

Strategies for mechanistic modelling of bioprocesses

In a discussion on LinkeIn we were asked how Exputec approaches mechanistic model building in a fast and efficient way. Here our reply:

How to approach model building of course depends on the goal of the modelling and the project resources (time!) available in the project. Time for the model building time is always is a critical factor, therefore we need to be fast. To achieve this, we have a system of i) a model library for standard models for microbial/ cell culture fermentation, primary recovery and chromatographic process models in ODE form (sets of differential equations). Based on this model library, observabilities are checked and kinetics are trained based on reference data. So we end up with hybdrid models, where the general states are described in ODEs and complex kinetics are modelled using a data driven approach.

This enables us to realize e.g. microbial feeding profile optimizations or to implement cell culture control algorithms (glucose/ glutamine control) in a few weeks of overall project time.

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