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About Us

EXPUTEC is a technology-driven consulting and software company delivering solutions for the biotech and chemical process industry. Exputec uniquely combines data science and engineering competencies to solve manufacturing challenges.

EXPUTEC data science services and software frameworks provide efficient data science support for projects ranging from fast trouble shootings finished within weeks to sustainable data science support for process development, technology transfer and continuous process optimization.

inCyght® from Exputec is a data science software framework specifically designed to enable scientists and engineers to extract the maximum benefits from process data. inCyght® features advanced process data visualization features, unique mechanistic algorithms, information mining routines and a simulation framework. inCyght® is used for biotechnological and chemical production processes.

The combination of engineering competencies with the unique inCyght® data science software framework ensure delivery of comprehensive results to the customer. Exputec’s customers increase their competitive advantage by the elimination of root causes for process variance, efficient process optimization and the reduction of failed batches.

Mission: Scalability, efficency and quality to increase productivity

EXPUTEC’s scientifically proven and revolutionary approach delivers efficiency, scalability and quality to bioprocesses. This is ensured by an accurate quality management process, mechanistic process understanding for scalable processes, highly skilled interdisciplinary team of professional research consultants, creative thinking and commercial expertise combined with the best-in-class in-depth industry knowledge.

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