About Us

EXPUTEC is a technology-driven consulting and software company delivering solutions for the biotech and chemical process industry. Exputec uniquely combines data science and engineering competencies to solve manufacturing challenges.

EXPUTEC data science services and software frameworks provide efficient data science support for projects ranging from fast trouble shootings finished within weeks to sustainable data science support for process development, technology transfer and continuous process optimization.

inCyght® from Exputec is a data science software framework specifically designed to enable scientists and engineers to extract the maximum benefits from process data. inCyght® features advanced process data visualization features, unique mechanistic algorithms, information mining routines and a simulation framework. inCyght® is used for biotechnological and chemical production processes.

The combination of engineering competencies with the unique inCyght® data science software framework ensure delivery of comprehensive results to the customer. Exputec’s customers increase their competitive advantage by the elimination of root causes for process variance, efficient process optimization and the reduction of failed batches.

Mission: Organizing Bioprocesses

We create impact for our customers enabling accelerated commercialization, speed up scale up & start of production, reduce fail batches and ensure safer quality lifecycle management by organization of bioprocesses via data science software solutions.

EXPUTEC’s scientifically proven and revolutionary approach delivers efficiency, scalability and quality to bioprocesses. This is ensured by an accurate quality management process, mechanistic process understanding for scalable processes, highly skilled interdisciplinary team of professional research consultants, creative thinking and commercial expertise combined with the best-in-class in-depth industry knowledge.



Our Goal

To get it right the first time, every time and strive to exceed customer expectations whenever possible.

Our Principles

Quality derives from a staff commitment to service and excellence.

Customer Focus: Customer requirements come first. Quality begins and ends with the customer and we strive to always satisfy their needs.
Relationships: We build mutually beneficial relationships with customers and suppliers.
Innovation: We search for, design and supply creative products and services.
Teamwork: Our Employees work together as a team to satisfy our customers.
Process Emphasis: We focus our Employees on practical processes to ensure consistent results.
Continual Improvement: Through management review of our Business Management System we aim to continually improve business performance, processes, products and services.
Employee Development: Through active mentoring we create a culture where staff have the skills and are empowered to take responsibility for the results of their actions which contributes to the success of the Company.




Ulrich Tröller

Managing Director

Ulrich is Managing Director of EXPUTEC with responsibility for market strategy, financials, sales and marketing. He is a former CEO of a multinational consulting company for process management and software. Ulrich joined EXPUTEC in 2012. Ulrich studied industrial engineering in Hamburg, Germany and Gijon, Spain. He received his degree 1998 from the Technical University of Hamburg, and the University of Hamburg in Germany. Ulrich is a certified data security specialist.

Dr. Patrick Sagmeister

Chief Technology Officer

Patrick is Chief Technology Officer of EXPUTEC with responsibility for scientific developments, technical innovations and business development. Patrick joined EXPUTEC in 2013. He studied technical chemistry in Graz and Vienna, Austria. Patrick received his PhD in biochemical engineering from the Technical University of Vienna. His research profile includes bioprocess development, mathematical modelling of biochemical systems and applied statistics.


Scientific Advisory Board:

Prof. Dr. Urs von Stockar

Honorary Professor, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland

Prof. Urs von Stockar was appointed Associate Professor at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (Lausanne) in 1977 and promoted to full professor in 1982. He also taught at the University of Geneva and still teaches at the Dublin City University. His research Profile includes bioprocess development, thermodynamics in biochemical engineering, animal cell culture technology, gas-liquid mass transfer, cell encapsulation and biocalorimetry.

Univ. Prof. Dr. Christoph Herwig

Professor, Vienna University of Technology, Austria

Prof. Christoph Herwig was appointed as full professor in biochemical engineering in 2008 returning from a top management position in the biopharmaceutical industry. His research areas include fermentation technology, bioprocess development, and biotechnological production – always bridging scalable bioprocess development to facility design.




Partners and Memberships

Partners play a critical role in helping organizations to design and improve their unique business processes. EXPUTEC partners facilitate the innovative interdisciplinary approach with the benefit of creating beneficial synergies for our customers.






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