Invited talk at Bioprocessing Days, 22.02.2016, Recklinghausen, Germany

Invited talk at Bioprocessing Days, 22.02.2016, Recklinghausen, Germany

Methods and best practices for the design- analysis- and control of bioprocesses

Valentin Steinwandter1 and Patrick Sagmeister1

In the last decades, innovative research and engineering brought birth to robust and mature process analytical devices. Nowadays, the possibilities to extract chemical, physical and biological data from manufacturing processes are manifold and a great quantity of process data is collected on a routine basis. Using this data efficiently, the biotech industry speeds up process development and shortens the time-to-market of highly competitive biotech products.

However, novel challenges in the field of data processing and information mining emerged: How can the maximum information content be extracted from the combination of process analyzers? How can big process data be handled and exploited efficiently? And ultimately: How can this information be translated in a business benefit for the manufacturers and innovators? Here, we demonstrate how these challenges can be addressed within the bioprocess lifecycle using innovative mechanistic methods. Invited speaker Valentin Steinwandter from Exputec presents industrial best practices at the 2016 bioprocessing days in Recklinghausen, 22nd to 24th february, adressing following topics:

  • Soft-sensor assisted process design-, analysis- and control
  • Methods and best practices for microbial feeding profile optimization
  • Methods for manufacturing root cause analysis

1EXPUTEC GmbH, Pfeilgasse 32/20 | A-1080 Wien