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inCyght® bioprocess software combines data management, data visualization & statistical analysis from all process-relevant sources in one intuitive software environment

With the help of inCyght®, scientists and engineers find root causes of process variation, identify processing trends and increase the efficiency of process development.

In conjunction with Exputec’s statistical consulting, inCyght® bioprocess software enables the streamlined realization of process characterization, process validation and technology transfer projects.

Key Features

Intelligent Data Visualization for all Unit Operations

inCyght® bioprocess software offers an intuitive visual analytics environment for the intelligent visualization of all process data types. The unique inMatrix visualization concept intelligently selects the right visualization scheme for your process data. This enables scientists and engineers to simultaneously plot data from all unit operations to detect trends and correlations.


Flexible Bioprocess Data Management for Laboratory and Manufacturing

inCyght® bioprocess software offers management of time series data sensor data, quality data, video- and image data and spectral data. A broad spectrum of customizable database filters enables you to quicky identify relevant batches, unit operations and data types required for your analysis. Soft sensors enable you to extract maximum information from process data in your database. The out of the box data management functionalities are ideal for process development, process validation and quality trending/ biosimilarity activities. Content Packs


The Must-Have Analytics Tools for Statistical Analysis

Similarity analysis features enables user-friendly and statistically sound analysis of scale-ups, technology transfers and unit operations. Using multivariate and univariate statistical tools engineers quickly identify processing trends and correlations. In addition, statisticians can directly connect to the database using R and Python connectors for advanced and flexible statistical analysis. The out of the box statistical tools fullfill the requirements for process validation, technology transfer and quality trending/ biosimilarity statistical analysis. Content Packs


Strain Information Management & Analysis

inCyght® manages and visualizes strain geneologies. This enables scientists and engineers to freely explore genetic modifications performed on production strains in combination with strain performance and growth data. In addition, lab managers create the neccessary GMO documentation according to the local GMO legislation.


Fast Integration of all Process Relevant Data Sources

Using the inCyght® drag&drop browser importer, data from spreadsheets are automatically imported and aligned into the inCyght® database. Tabular-, video- and image data stored on customer servers are automatically imported using server crawl & import functionality. Real-time connections to laboratory equipment and high throughput process development equipment are realized using ODBC and OPC interfaces.

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Digitalization and Data Analytics to Accelerate Bioprocess Development

“We found an excellent realization partner in Exputec. The project team is very focused on our business needs and all interfaces are running smoothly and reliably. The collaboration is excellent.”

Read more about this collaboration.

Data Management and Analysis for Integrated Processes

Ass. Prof. Oliver Spadiut, head of integrated process development from Vienna University of Technology, presents at the 2017 labvolution exposition 2017 his latest research on the conversion of hemicelluloses as part of the CrossCat consortium. The CrossCat consortium uses inCyght Software for data management, fermentation data analysis and cooperation platform in the multi-partner EU project.


Ass. Prof. Oliver Spadiut

Scale-Up and Scale-Down of Biopharmaceutical Processes

Sandra Abad from Boehringer Ingelheim and Patrick Sagmeister from Exputec presented at the 4th BioProScale conference in Berlin, Germany, how scale-dependent challenges were overcome for the successful scale-up of a biopharmaceutical manufacturing process and the qualification of scale-down models. This was achieved using Similarity analysis for the qualification of scale-down modelsRoot cause analysis workflows based on automatic information mining and multivariate analysis and improvement of scale-up based on industrial best practices.

Dr. Sandra Abad

Activating the Design Space for cGMP manufacturing

Dr.-Ing. Bernd-Markus Pfeiffer from Siemens and Dr. Patrick Sagmeister from Exputec presented in a joint talk at the BioInnovation Leader Summit in Berlin, Germany, how data from process development and process characterization studies is leveraged for cGMP manufacturing. Using InCyght from Exputec, users create integrated process models and soft-sensors. Models can be implemented as soft-sensor function-blocks in Siemens DCS for manufacturing under cGMP and Part 11 compliance.

Dr.-Ing. Bernd-Markus Pfeiffer
Content PacksPricingSystem Requirements


Exputec’s pre-configured content packages provide a jump-start for deploying Exputec inCyght® to solve process development and manufacturing challenges. They are based on the industry's best practices and the know-how of Exputec consultants and reflect the requirements of bioprocess development, operation, as well as validation scientists and engineers.


Bioprocess Design, Analysis & Control

Exputec inCyght® Bioprocess Analysis content packages offer pre-configured mass balancing workflows, data analysis workflowssoft-sensors and reporting templates to analyze and report bioprocess data. By using Exputec inCyght® Bioprocess Analysis content packages along with the associated comprehensive consulting services, inCyght® users extract maximum information from bioprocess data.

Content packs for following unit operations are available:

  • Microbial fermentation
  • Cell culture fermentation
  • Preparative chromatography

Biopharmaceutical Process Validation

Exputec inCyght® Biopharmaceutical Process Validation content packages along with the associated comprehensive statistical consulting services, provide a software guided framework and statistical tools for solving bioprocess development and manufacturing challenges.

Content packages for the following tasks during the bioprocess lifecycle are available:

Quality Trending & Biosimilarity

Exputec inCyght® Quality Trending & Biosimilarity content packages along with the associated comprehensive statistical consulting services, provide a software guided framework and software tools for advanced data management, trending and statistical analysis of quality data.

  • Management of all quality relevant data types (a.o. Bioassay, HPLC, ELISA)
  • Univariate and multivariate analysis of similarity and bioequivalence
  • Quality trending dashboards using univariate- and multivariate control charts


inCyght Standard


  • Visualization features
  • Data management
  • E-Mail Helpdesk Support

Pricing: € 19,- /user /month

inCyght Professional


  • All Viewer features plus
  • Univariate statistical data analysis features
  • Multivariate data analysis features
  • Mass-balancing & soft-sensor technologies
  • Feature extraction from time series data
  • Time series pattern recognition
  • Scientific workflow management

Pricing: € 99,- /user /month

inCyght Administrator


  • All Viewer features plus
  • All Professional features plus
  • User management & admisistration
  • Real-time process connectors
  • iPython and R developer interface
  • Dashboard developer interface
  • Telephone helpdesk

Pricing: € 249,- /user /month


inCyght Desktop

Installed on the desktop PCs of the users.


  • Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 64-bit operating system required
  • Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Microsoft Internet Explorer 10+


  • Processor: Intel Core i5 or higher, 64-bit CPU required
  • RAM (memory): 4GB (8GB recommended)
  • Hard disk space: 2GB free space for installation, 1GB after install required

inCyght Server (server version)

Installed on a server and access via Intranet.


  • Docker based installation
  • Possible to install on different environments (e.g. Linux or Windows based, 64 bit required)
  • Clients access software through web browser, e.g. Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer (10+)/Edge (no installation possible)


  • Operating system 64 bit operating system (e.g. Linux or Windows based, 64 bit required)
  • Hard drive: 6 GB for installation of software (SSD recommended) + additional storage for data
  • RAM: 6 GB
  • Processor: Multicore
  • Real-time communication via ODBC/OPC