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Microbial Biomass Soft Sensor


  • Real-time estimation of the biomass, metabolites and the specific growth rate
  • Detection of sensor miscalibrations and gross errors
  • Generically applicable for microbial cultures on defined media


  • Simplicity – ready to use configuration
  • No calibration necessary
  • Ties in existing process control infrastructure

In microbial bioprocesses, the biomass concentration is a key process variable to initiate process events (e.g. induction) and identify processing trends. However, this important process variable is only accessible through sampling or expensive real-time in-line sensors that require frequent recalibration. Exputec real-time software sensors enable the estimation of the biomass dry cell weight concentration in real-time based on readily available process signals. Next to the robust estimation of the biomass dry cell weight, filtered and tested volumetric turnover rates (oxygen uptake rates, carbon dioxide evolution rates, substrate uptake rates, biomass formation rates) and corresponding specific rates (specific growth rate, specific substrate uptake rate, etc.) are provided in real-time.  Thereby, the bioprocess is highly transparent to the operator and engineer. Furthermore, the calculated signals can be integrated in advanced process control strategies for microbial bioprocesses to control physiological variables such as the specific substrate uptake rate and the specific growth rate.

The Exputec microbial software sensor can be implemented in multiple bioreactor control software platforms. For more information and a software demo, contact our sales team and also see customer success stories.