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Software Sensor for Mammalian and Microbial Batch Prediction


  • Real-time estimation of the cellular biomass, metabolites and substrate concentrations for batch cultures using kinetic models
  • Real-time estimation of process events, e.g. end-of-batch
  • Applicable for microbial and mammalian fermentation processes


  • Simplicity – ready to use configuration
  • Fast configuration based on the Exputec model library
  • Ties in existing process control infrastructure

The Exputec real-time software sensors for the batch phase enable the estimation of the biomass dry cell weight, the residual substrate concentration, metabolites and further physiological information; the time to batch end, volumetric turnover rates (oxygen uptake rates, carbon dioxide evolution rates) as well as physiological rates (substrate uptake rate, biomass formation rate), even at low metabolic activities, are calculated.

The Exputec software sensors for the batch phase can be implemented in multiple bioreactor control software platforms. For more information and a software demo, contact our sales team.