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Data Science to improve Bioassay Performance


  • Improve bioassay performance based on a data science approach
  • Identification of critical influential parameters
  • Efficient experimental designs to demonstrate bioassay robustness


  • Decrease the coefficient of variation of your bioassay
  • Experienced biopharma data science team with extensive experience in improving bioassays
  • Fast delivery of results based on the analysis of historical data

Bioassays are used to quantify the potency of biopharmaceutical drugs. Bioassays test the activity or potency of a drug substance involving living cells. Assay related-, cell physiology related as well as environmental factors impact on the bioassay performance. This often results in non-acceptable assay accuracy, reproducibility and precision.

Combining biochemical know-how and data science competences, Exputec improves bioassay performance by

  • Detection of sources of variation
  • Understand the impact of variation on the bioassay responses
  • Control the variation in a manner to increase bioassay accuracy, reproducibility and precision

This is achieved by targeted data science consulting services to develop efficient improvement strategies.