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Experimental Design Services


  • Mechanistic and statistical experimental design (DoE) services
  • Power analysis based on historical data, screening-, robustness and optimization designs
  • Unique framework for rational- and case-tailored experimentation


  • Benefit from experienced biotech- and statistics consultants
  • Extract maximum information from minimal number of experiments
  • Decrease cost-of-goods and experimental effort for your process development task

Process development, troubleshooting and process characterization is largely realized based on information gained from laboratory scale experiments. For optimal costs- and resource efficiency, it is necessary to increase the efficiency and information content per capita spent for experimentation. To achieve this goal, design of experiments (DoE) emerged as a key technology for more efficient experimentation in a variety of industries. However, challenges in the process industries are unique and require a tailored- and engineering driven approach to DoE.

Exputec data science provides efficient and comprehensive DoE using statistical- and mechanistic experimental design to support projects ranging from fast analytical method optimizations finished within weeks to integrated process optimizations. Custom-made Exputec software enables to address each project individually. This ensures to deliver comprehensive results to the customer based on clear engineering rationales.